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Sochcast – Empowering Women through Audio 


Anil’s lifelong deep passion for the audio space is undeniable. He has always believed in the immense power of the audio medium in its ability to reach and touch people’s hearts. Anil recounts the time he was on air during the birth of his daughter Kavya. There exists an audio recording of someone saying, “It’s a girl!” on air; in front of thousands of listeners of Anil’s show – Anil Ki Aawaaz.  


From working odd jobs like being a Domino’s pizza delivery boy to becoming the COO of Radio Today broadcasting and the former CEO of Kings XI Punjab, an IPL Cricket franchise team, Anil’s life is truly an inspirational story. Anil Srivatsa and Harry Bhatia, the founders of Sochcast, and Kavya Srivatsa have played a pivotal role in bringing Sochcast to life and empowering women through audio content. 


Anil Srivatsa has a long and impressive career in broadcasting, having served as the COO of India Today's broadcasting arm, Radio Today. He launched MEOW, the first radio station for women, where he realised that women need content tailored to them and add value to the myriad of aspects of their life. 


Harry has a background in the radio space too. He worked at Radio Mirchi, and it was there that he met Anil. They connected instantly and, before Sochcast, started ‘Radio Walla’, a platform focused on the music space. Anil, however, always envisioned incorporating spoken-word audio. He wanted to bring in more substantial content that could empower and inform listeners. This idea, however, was way beyond what the market and audience were ready for then. 


Kavya Srivatsa was introduced to the audio world at a young age, doing voiceovers and snippets that her father proudly played. Her career in media began at the age of 15, writing for lifestyle magazines. Through her experiences, she realised that women need more personalised content, especially those related to their development and problems. Kavya went on to study media communications at LSE, where she continued to consume content related to women's development, women in business and entrepreneurship. She saw an opportunity to empower women by giving them a platform to share their stories and learn from others and thus joined Anil and Harry to create Sochcast. 


When the pandemic hit, people had a lot of time to create or consume data. This gave the founders the perfect opportunity to revert to their idea of a spoken-word audio platform. They decided to give it another shot thinking it would work now, and Sochcast was born! Together, the trio have created a platform that provides a space for women to consume and create audio content relevant to them. They are committed to building a high-value business with a powerful, long-lasting social impact and positively impact the lives of over a billion women globally. 


The trio have made a significant impact in the podcasting world. They are democratising spoken-word audio creation, making it more accessible to people with a story. In Kavya’s words, "I believe everyone has a story. There is no discrimination as to if your story is better or worse, and at Sochcast, we want to give everyone a platform to be able to tell their story and give them the tools to be able to tell their story, no matter where they come from, what resources they have or don't have.” They have created an ecosystem where creators can come together and truly collaborate and build quality content. 


The magical trio of Anil Srivatsa, Harry Bhatia, and Kavya Srivatsa have brought their unique experiences and perspectives together to create a platform that empowers women globally. Their passion for audio and women's empowerment has made Sochcast a force to be reckoned with in the podcasting world. 

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