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Srishty Jain: Paving Pathways to the Alternate You


Srishty Jain is a visionary entrepreneur who believes in the power of following one's passions and creating a career out of it. Srishty has always been an exceptional student academically. These early successes set the stage for her future achievements. Her journey from an A+ student to a successful entrepreneur is inspiring. 


Srishty was raised by her mother, a great inspiration in her life. Resolutely, Srishty’s mother continued her education 14 years after marriage and topped her class. Srishty followed in her mother’s footsteps as she excelled in all her classes. She was a state merit list holder in 10th standard and went on to become the gold medallist in both her undergraduate and MBA. 


Srishty's upbringing was diverse, as she moved around India and Dubai, gaining valuable insights and understanding of people from various cultures. Here, she learned the value of diversity and the importance of understanding people from different walks of life. Her friendly and open personality allowed her to form lasting friendships and connect with others on a deeper level.  


Srishty's early interest in entrepreneurship was sparked while working in the investment banking space in Bangalore. She was fascinated by the founders of early unicorns in India, who with their unwavering determination and hard work, had created a significant impact on people's lives. She later did her post-graduation at UCLA Anderson; this experience was a turning point in Srishty's life as she decided to pursue her dream of entrepreneurship. 


The initial idea for Collearn stemmed from Srishty's research. In India, non-traditional courses were given little importance, and everyone was primarily focused on medicine, engineering, and accountancy. Srishty identified this as a significant white space believing that if non-traditional courses like building speakers and becoming a YouTube star were offered, there would be high demand among students. And thus, Collearn was born to help people pursue their non-traditional career dreams. 


“I think if every student, if every individual starts thinking in terms of their passion, and starts following their passion as a full-time profession, life would be much more beautiful.” Srishty’s vision of Collearn is more than just a platform; it is a movement to create a passion-based economy in India.  


Today, Srishty is helping individuals pursue their non-traditional dreams and follow their passions to become sports umpires, sports analysts, beatboxers, etc. “India is not a society of binge learning. As long as you have an outcome, as long as you're providing the livelihoods and the placements to the students, your model is sustainable forever.”  

And this method of outcome-based learning is helping students achieve their goals and land placements in big companies like ESPN, Rajasthan Royals, Delhi Capitals, KKR and Times Now. 


Srishty's journey and character have been integral to the success of Collearn. Her unwavering determination, hard work, and passion for entrepreneurship have been the driving force behind the company's growth. She is a leader who leads by example, inspiring her team and students to reach their full potential. Her life-long mantra of putting one's heart and soul into something has guided her through the ups and downs of her entrepreneurial journey. 


Srishty Jain is a game-changer in the Indian start-up ecosystem. Her vision of creating a passion-based economy and her unwavering commitment to helping people achieve their non-traditional career dreams has been the cornerstone of Collearns’s success. 

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