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Thought Leadership

Generative AI: A creative
new world

By Ankita Vashistha

Can we push
Earth's deadline?

By Avinash Vashistha

Business on Tap

By Anthony Rajesh

Neobanks: The Metaverse of Banking

Intelligent Automation:
The Driver of Digital Revolutions

Open Innovation:
Guided and Predictable Transformation

By Abhay Vashistha

By Frank Pendle

By Avnish Sabharwal

Digital Transformation, Intimacy and Migration

Breaking the Silence:
Empowering Women's Mental Health

Healthtech: Redesigning the future of staying healthy

By Avinash Vashistha

By Ankita Vashistha

By Dr. Garima Sathi

IT Infrastructure and 
Business Process Automation

Delivering Innovation
at Scale

By Venkat Thiruvengadam

By Anthony Rajesh

Center Stage

Alexis Horowitz-Burdick: Building E-commerce Giants

Ankita Vashistha: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

Umesh Sachdev: Linking Man and Machine

Sid Yenamandra: The Spartan in Cybersecurity 

Mini Suri: Changing Lives One Smile at a Time

By Team Arise

By Team Arise

By Team Arise

Sochcast – Empowering Women through Audio 

By Team Arise

Khyati Bhinde: Uniting
the Outdoor GOATs

By Team Arise

By Team Arise

By Team Arise

Luca Sciascia: Gender based care for a
healthier her

By Team Arise




The StrongHer 100

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